Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy 100th Birthday, Benny Goodman!

The Prof and others celebrated The King of the Ray's centennial by attending a glorious concert organized and starring that louche loupgarou of the licorice stick, Dan Levinson with James Langton's New York All-Star Big Band, ably assisted by Molly Ryan, vocals. (Happy Anniversary, Dan and Molly!)

Set List

First set:

Bashful Baby
Don't Be That Way (arrangement by Fletcher Henderson)
King Porter (arrangement by Fletcher Henderson)
Frelechen Swing (And the Angels Sing)
Clarinet a la King (arranged by Eddie Sauter)
One O'Clock Jump (arranged by Basie and Durham)
Silhoutte in the Moonlight
Life Goes to a Party (arranged by Harry James)

Second set:

Bugle Call Rag
You Turned the Tables on Me
He Ain't Got Rhythm
Down South Camp Meeting (arranged by Fletcher Henderson)
Roll 'Em (arranged by Mary Lou Williams)
Sing Me a Swing Song
Avalon (trio)
These Foolish Things (arranged by Jimmy Munday)
Stealin' Apples (arranged by Fletcher Henderson)
Why Don't You Do Right (arranged by Mel Powell)
Sing Sing Sing

1 comment:

  1. Who says Jews got no rhythm? Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go clap out of sync with the Macarena at a Bar-Mitzvah.

    By the way, Prof, wasn't Benny Goodman ALSO known as The Professor...? Somewhere the King of Swing is muttering, "Yeah, you BEST honor my centennial, ya goyishe little..."