Monday, January 25, 2010

The Irish Rep's Production of The Emperor Jones at Soho Rep

You don't need to hear ALL the details, dear readers, but the golden weekend that began with debauchery at J & R music world, continued with a twilit stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge, reached a seeming apex with the Tuli benefit, just got better and better. After a scrumptious lunch and a beer with the TA, yours professingly and Monsieur Rose made their ways to the Soho Playhouse for this performance. It is one of the five greatest theater performances I've ever been fortunate to witness.
See Ben Brantley's review.

The Prof Returns: Tuli Kupferberg Benefit

Hey there, cats and kittenheads, it's your old prof again, back from the travails of mid-year grading and endless colds that hang onto your respiratory system like that dead turtle grips that branch in Cool Hand Luke. Because of the clever machinations of Mr. Pink and his bride, the Prof was hustled unknowing to the very doors of St. Ann's Warehouse a few weeks ago and surprised to find he was being treated to a seat at the Tuli Benefit. Furiously texting the TA as the lights went down, the Prof basked in the glow of Tuli-love as a sundry roster of performers performed a set of (mostly) Kupferburg kovers.

Jean Simmons

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Afropop Extravaganza II: Ouaga Affair

The TA emailed me his list, The Dean posted his at Barnes & Noble's site, and all the mags are printing and posting them: the best of 2009. The Prof don't make lists, see? But I will be looking back at some great spins from last year I haven't mentioned yet and this is one of the best.