Monday, May 11, 2009

New Kid on the Blo(g)ck

Greetings, all you cool cats and krazy kittenheads! The Prof is in the house. At the urging of many friends (and against the better judgment of some others) I hereby begin blogging. This postlet is to test-drive blogger around the block. More bloggery soon.


  1. It's about time! Does this mean you might have a broadband cable connection soon?

  2. Good to have the prof on board. Looking forward to the edification and hi jinks.

    - Kitten

  3. I wish to register formal protest: you have used distinctly PoMo parentheses is your first post's title. However, I take no issue with the oblique inclusion of seminal musical group, New Kids on the Block, who are Important and Sexy. In conclusion, my favorite was Donnie. YEAH, DAMN! (This would have gotten me a 5 on the AP exam, right? RIGHT?! I SEEK YOUR APPROVAL!)

    Sorry, brother: you're one post in, and I've already turned this into Wonkette. I promise, I'll talk all smart about Messthetics and Japan later.