Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sometimes Saturday

It's Saturday, cats and kittenheads, and that means a lot to the prof. He looks forward to that state of bliss in the summertime that Gudalcanal Diary (one of the zillion talented bands from Athens, GA) describes as "Always Saturday." (You can get the song on this album and check out the band here.) But summer doesn't start for the prof until the school board says it does, no matter when the solstice comes, or when the prof's nephew is unleashed from college back upon an unsuspecting populace. So for fish jumping and cotton highing, he'll exercise his patience.

Still, today will be a little taste of summer, what with Ninjaboy coming over for an indoor barbecue and some disc swapping and tune playing. Burgers will be served and some surf records will be cranked up. I may even post about new discoveries and old favorites. Later I'll finish the organ jazz posting, too.

For now the prof links for your delectation and edification this NY Times editorial on the subject of reading, by someone with the unlikely handle VERLYN KLINKENBORG. The prof is lucky enough to be aquainted with several kittenheads with a tendency to read aloud and hence finds the dude's opinion to be righteous. Pictured above is an inter-species reading session where another righteous dude implores the big kittenhead to "Brang It to Jerome." Now, bring it on home, kids, and enjoy the day.


  1. We play surf and jazz. We will get you, as we always do.

    Yo La F***in Tengo

  2. Yo, Condo Guys and Gal.
    I was going to add you to Prof Playbacks, but now, you're cut off. And when exactly ARE The Clean going to sing "Draidle, Draidle" with you guys?