Friday, June 19, 2009

Senegal Flash

Dedicated to the amazing Jake-ola bound for Columbia U to represent Senegal.
(Details in the expanded post tomorrow.)


Orchestra Baobab
Roots and Fruit (Earl years)
N'Wolof (1970-1)
On Verra Ca (1978)
Bamba (1980-81)
Pirates Choice (1982)
Specialists in All Styles (2002)
Made in Dakar (2008)
Etoile de Dakar with Youssou N'Dour and El Hadji Faye
Absa Gueye (Volume 1) Recorded in 1979 at Jandeer Nightclub.
Thiapatholy (Volume 2) Recorded in 1980 at Studio Sangomar.
Lay Suma Lay (Volume 3) Recorded in 1981 at Studio Sangomar.
Khaley Etoile (Volume 4) Recorded in 1981, '82 at Studio Sangomar in Dakar.
All are out of print but can be found with a little scrounging on the net.
Recommended alternative: The Rough Guide to Youssou N'Dour and Etoile de Dakar.

African Pearls 4: Senegal: The Teranga Spirit (Double CD. First disc features traditional music.
Second features early pop recordings.
African Pearls 8: Senegal 70 Musical Effervescence (Double CD. The place to start!)
Senegal Flash: Kaolack
Senegal Flash: Banjul
Senegal Flash: Ziginchor
Senegal Flash: Louga
Senegal Flash: Dakar
Senegal Flash: Mdar

The Senegal Flash series on Syllart is spectacular, out of print, and expensive if you can find any of the CDs. Syllart is re-releasing a lot of Congolese music, so perhaps they'll get around to this one day.
The African Pearls are best acquired from Sterns African Music. Best price and fast shipping.

And don't forget the astonishing compilation The Music in My Head (and its less amazing sequel) selected by Mark Hudson to his novel about Dakar's music scene. The book and Volume 1 are out of print, but check here and here.


  1. Wouldn't you know it, TA just saw the new doc about Youssou this weekend. It's mainly about the Egpyt album. There is one scene where the Dean has cornered Youssou and is talking about Sufiism and Youssou has a "What have I done" look on his face.

  2. Great post..these groups are fantastic. Here's a little taste of Orchestra Baobab
    and Youssou N'Dour Keep it coming, Prof!