Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Bloomsday

Stately, plump Prof came from his stairhead this morning to gaze upon a sodden New Jersey, so he's not sure if he'll be celebrating Ulysses by attending the annual reading of the novel by actors, local celebreties, profs, and amateurs in front of the Rosenbach Museum & Library where the manuscript resides. (Check out the coolest blog a library ever had.) Above is a picture of Joyce in Sylvia Beach's bookshop Shakespeare & Company, Paris which first published Ulysses.

Below is a self-portrait by Prof Pal Josh Levitas who has been exploring the ineluctable modality of the visible (at least that if no more, thought through his eyes) through the developing graphic novel at Ulysses Seen working with Robert Berry and Mike Barsanti. (Have I got the details of this shoutout right, Josh?) (Update: Eustace Tilley has his eyes on Ulysses Seen as well.)

Below is a portrait of another Ulysses fan...

(Click on pic to see a larger Marilyn.)

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  1. Sorry for the 2-day delay on the response, Prof. The details of the shoutout are basically correct, except that what's up there to be seen now is primarily through Rob Berry's eyes on the visual side (most of it was drawn and/or storyboarded before I was a part of this incredible project) and Mike Barsanti's eyes on the reader's guide side. I'll have more to do with the actual art in later installments.

    I encourage everyone to register at ulyssesseen.com and to contribute thoughts, questions, and feedback. One of the greatest things about this project is the fact that the viewers/readers can help to shape it. Thanks for Prof's props!