Sunday, January 16, 2011

In Memoriam Tony Moore

Tony in a recent photo with the text book he so lovingly crafted for the course he created.
I spent most of the day yesterday with my friends Brenda and Brian, children of my dear friend Tony Moore, who passed away this week.  (Details in The Courier-Post article here.  An earlier profile from October here.)
Aside from being a dynamite teacher, a gentle man, and a novelist, Tony was also one of the most fanatical devotees of recorded music.  (If The Prof said the man had an enormous music collection, you know what that means.)  We searched throughout his recordings for sounds that meant something special for his memorial service.  Brenda remembered a passage from his novel No Second Eden in which the protagonist hears a bluesman sing the great spiritual "You Got to Walk That Lonesome Valley."  She quickly located this version by Mississippi John Hurt:

Click on the thumbnail below for the audio version:

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