Sunday, August 9, 2009

"Love Goes On" Grant McClenan Tribute CD Review

Review to be added in an update. This is growing on me (played it every day since I got it).
Many thanks and happy birthday to the amazing Tom (TG the TA) for sending the disc along.
Party on, Tom!

Update (review): The Prof and his pals were shocked and saddened three Mays back by the sudden passing of Grant McLennan, co-leader of the beloved Go-Betweens. Grant and Robert Forster had kept the band going despite the many headaches and heartaches rock showbiz threw their way. Then they called it quits. In the last decade the pair revived the band with more modest goals, but with no loss in the quality of tunes and words, and in three succeeding albums they pulled the old fans into the 21st century and recruited a new cadre of the faithful.

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